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Welcome to MG - Maps

I'm Martin Geilhausen and MG-Maps is my private web page focussing on some of my scientific research like geomorphology and geophysics and some private stuff like WebGIS and Webmapping.  Have fun exploring my page!

About me

I'm a physical geographer by studies and interested in high mountain geomorphology, sediment budgets, geophysical applications and survey techniques as well as permafrost and periglacial processes. Human impact on natural systems also fascinates me. During my studies at the University of Bonn, I worked as a programmer for the terrestris GmbH & Co. KG using HTML, PHP, Javascript and SQL. Most of my work was related to WebGIS applications. After my studies, I was a freelancer for the geofact GmbH doing geophysical surveys. In september 2008, I went to the University of Salzburg to join the Research Group 'Geomorphology and Environmental Systems' and started my PhD. Since October 2012, I am working at the Institute of Natural Resource Sciences, Zürich University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland.

Martin Geilhausen 
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